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The Story of See Me


I am Vivienne and I have been a hairdresser for over 20 years. I run my own successful salon in Barry, South Wales.
Like a lot of you reading this I faced lots of challenges during Covid.

One of which of course the requirement for lots of additional PPE.

I really struggled to find a good quality apron that could be cleaned and re-used rather than thrown away adding to the already large amounts of landfill!

So whilst looking for something and discussing with others I identified that there was a gap in the market and started to look at designing something that could fill it.

I also realised that most of us spend time and money on our outfits and our 'look' for work yet we were sometimes covering that up with an apron.

That's what drove me to come up with the idea for the See Me apron.

After a lot of time, effort, testing and great support from colleagues, friends and family I got to where I am to now with a final product.

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