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TPU stands for ‘Thermoplastic Polyurethane’ is a very flexible material. It is smooth to the touch, but at the same time extremely durable and strong.

It offers high wear resistance and possesses excellent resistance to UV, oils, greases, and solvents. Making it the perfect material for an apron which must be able to withstand a little bit of everything.


Advantages of TPU

  • TPU has 'Greener' credentials than other similar materials like PVC and Vinyl

No solvents are used in the manufacturing and lamination process, making it better for the environment.

  • TPU is recyclable

TPU is recyclable since it can be molded, extruded, and reused. Though, please check your local recycling programs to find out what is recyclable in your area.

  • TPU has a high heat resistance

TPU has considerable heat resistance, meaning it will not melt or warp when exposed to high-grade heat sources. TPU can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 120 degrees/ 248 F.

  • TPU is durable

TPU is abrasion resistant, giving it the ability to maintain appearances and physical integrity against scratches or scrapes. Because of its abrasion-resistant, it can also withstand impacts and is resistant to many chemicals.

  • TPU is extremely flexible, strong and light

TPU has a high degree of flexibility, which makes it suitable for products that need to be flexible and resistant 

  • TPU is a non-toxic and 100% safe material

TPU does not contain any chemicals that interfere with endocrine and hormone systems, nor does it contribute to PH change in soil or water. It contains no dangerous ingredients according to REACH Compliance (EC) No 1907/2006.

  • TPU has a high liquid resistance

TPU is also resistant to oil, grease, and stains, which makes it ideal for keeping up its appearance while safeguarding items from liquids. Further, TPU is water and moisture-resistant, reducing bacterial creation.

  • TPU is resistant to many other things

TPU is also resistant to UV rays, yellowing, ageing and cracking (if cared for correctly!)

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