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SeeMe Apron with Straps (Rainbow colours)

SeeMe Apron with Straps (Rainbow colours)


This is our signature SeeMe Apron with a pair of branded Rainbow coloured straps.


Apron Details

Fits sizes 6-18

Made from Clear 100% TPU (click for more info on TPU)

Measurements are Length 72cm x Width 66cm

Pocket sizes are Width 34cm x Height 16cm (split in to 2 pockets of Width 17cm x Height 16cm)


Product Care - Stain resistant up to 30 minutes, simply give it a wipe after a tint/toner application and at the end of your day wipe with a multipurpose spray and soft cloth to keep clean and hygenic.

Try not to fold, crush or drop if possible, hanging the apron is best and will prolong it's life!


Strap Details

One pair of See Me coloured straps with stamped logo details and silver coloured fittings.


Product Care - The best way to clean the straps is to delicately address, by hand, visible spots or spills using specialised spotting agents on the impacted areas.

Do NOT hand wash, place in the washing machine, wet clean, or dry clean.


The price includes FreeMainland UK Shipping.

International Shipping available and the cost is added at checkout and incurs an additional £1.50 handling cost.

Strap Colour: Rainbow
Only 9 left in stock
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